Aemina Turner: She mentioned with me for taking out installment loans for buying a car. But she was not aware of the costs of the loans. Finally, Mrs. Turner applied for installment loans from one of the lenders and shared her experience with me.

“I was regretting,” she says after she didn’t expect what would happen which made her pocket heavier with interest rates of the installment loans. No doubt, installment loans have gained enough popularity in the recent past and such loans have seemed to be very convenient to apply with poor credit scores.

According to the opinions of critics, these loans can be unsafe like for the borrowers who are willing to apply for online installment loans with instant approval anywhere in Canada. Generally, borrowers are allowed to get payday loans starting from $100 to $5000, Michael deems that, a member of anti-poverty group in Toronto.

What if, anyone needs more funds…then there are lenders available to assist further with the funds, the borrowers need at the time. Aemina shares her experience. There has been an increment to 300 percent in connection with the borrowers who have applied for high-interest rates installment loans from 2016 to 2021.

According to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), payday lenders are out-complying federal rules and regulations. They restrict the maximum annual interest rates and they can actually charge up to 600 percent.

High-interest installment loans on the other side are to be charged at the interest rate of 60%. But there is an interesting fact along; borrowers living in Canada can go for the higher amount like tens of thousands of dollars for a few years.

Many times, borrowers are seen to pay high in interest rates than they have obtained the loan amount from the lenders.  There are multiple outlets in Canada from where borrowers can get loans. It is believed that these types of loans can rebuild bad credit scores.

Those borrowers who have been denied to get the loan approval from banks or traditional lenders due to their bad credit.  There are lenders to work with them when the borrowers have tried their best to get the loans, but failed. Although, there are almost 8.4 million Canadians applying for loans with their bad credit.


The Global news: had interacted with some of the borrowers who had their experience taking out high-interest-rate loans. They also looked at the loan agreement which was between borrowers and the lenders.


A few of the borrowers stated to the global news that they didn’t know these loans would come with exorbitant interest rates which were shocking to them. Most of them said, their lenders contacted them several times to get loans as soon as they dealt with the first loan agreement.

“I wish if I would give a little time to myself”

Emma Jones: What she says is when she decided to apply for installment loans in 2019 for buying a second-hand car to do up and down. She realized at the end, she had one of the experiences with high-interest installment loans with the traditional lenders.

She accepts the mistakes she made applying for the loans in haste and rushed into signing without giving a second thought. She says I had enough time to think about that calmly. But I didn’t do that at all, unfortunately.

“Get your loan refinanced”

William Davis: Living in North Etobicoke, he says his ongoing 36-month loan amount for $4,850 at an interest rate of 46.9 with the lenders. It shows him to resort to a second refinance with the loan company, he applied to before.

Davis is doing a small job as a delivery man. He applied for $1500 of high-interest installment loans to help his younger brothers pay for rent and for another one, obtain a job. He ever had that kind of experience with that type of loan.

The loan companies say: They have reduced their interest rates since 2016 by 30 percent lower than the higher interest rates. Only 60% of their borrowers are able to work on their interest rates for improvement. And a few of them have become able to reach the credit with 1 year of taking out the loans.

According to the statement of licensed insolvency trustees to the Global News, Canadians have a lower credit score and want to boost their credit score. They can do that using a secured credit card without resorting to the costly saving secured loans.

The Global news also stating many of the lenders don’t provide extra time for installment loans if any borrower changes their mindset. They can easily cancel their application under their choice. May provinces expect their lenders to comply with this, for those who are not.


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