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All Types Benefits Are Considered As Sources of Income

We specialize in providing payday loans for Canadians who are receiving a fixed government income.

  • Child-Tax-Credit-Benefits
    Child Tax Credit Benefits
  • Disability-Tax-Credit-Benefits
    Disability Tax Credit Benefits
  • Employment-Income
    Employment Income [EI]
  • Canada-Recovery-Benefit
    Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)
  • Unemployment-Insurance-Benefits
    Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Ontario-Disability-Support-Program
    Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Private-Pension-&-Canada-Pension-Plan
    Private Pension & Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Workers-Compensation-Board-benefits
    Workers Compensation Board benefits (WCB)
  • Welfare Recipients (Social Assistance)
    Welfare Recipients (Social Assistance)

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Payday loans for unemployed that can be cleared and credited into your bank account within 9 minutes*! Apply now and feel the magic.


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But Why Loans For Unemployed Canada?

At Loansforunemployedcanada.ca, we will not only consider bad credit and good credit, but also consider application even after you are unemployed. We believe everyone is equally and nobody should be excluded just because of their unemployment status. If you can afford loan repayment, you're welcome to apply.


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With us, your chances of being approved for loans when unemployed are much higher. We compare thousands of lenders and match you with loan options with cheapest interest.


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When you fill application at Loansforunemployedcanada.ca, your shared data is securely used to find the best loan deal from lender. Our website is SSL secured and we commit to not share your data.


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Our all trusted lenders are automatically making decision which means that you get approval within few seconds of application. If everything is right, you will get funds within 15 minutes*.


No Credit or Hard Credit Checks

When you submit your online application for unemployed loan, you will be redirected to the matching lenders with offers. Good news is that they don't need perfect credit!



Can i Get a Loan if I'm on Unemployment Benefits?

Yes, Canadians can get payday loans with government benefits in Canada from direct lenders. Because what they are receiving from the government is considered an income which matters a lot for all lenders to get back their funds on time. So being a Canadian, if you are receiving social assistance such as employment insurance benefits, family caregiving benefits, disability benefits and housing benefits. On the basis of these types of benefits, you can get loans.


Who Gives Loans to Unemployed People?

There are many traditional lenders and banks that are willing to offer instant approval loans for the unemployed. But they charge high beyond your expectation whereas some online direct lenders are there to assist you without any selfishness. Yes, this is right. This really doesn't matter to them how your financial condition is, they give their 100% to get you the instant payday loans. So it is better to apply for financial services such as loans from reputable and trustable direct lenders.

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What Loans are Available for Unemployed People?

Canadians find emergency cash loans for unemployed of various types in the loan market from direct lenders. You should know what sort of unemployed loans are available for you if you are a Canadian. Installment loans, lines of credit and title loans are the types of loans for unemployed and you can apply for them, depending upon your current needs. You can apply for such loans very easily with reputable direct lenders even if you have no job.


How to Get a No Job Loan with Bad Credit Score?

Canadians can apply for online unemployment loans with no credit checks (prêt sans enquête de crédit aucun cas refuser) and no job verification in Canada from direct lenders. They have to go by a short application process where some personal details are required with less time consumption. As compared to traditional banks, you can get quick loan approval from direct payday lenders. You don't need to wait for so long unlike at traditional banks, you have to wait very often still you don't get desired results.


How to Get Immediate Personal Loan Without a Job?

It may not be easy to get loans when you have no job. But you can get personal loans for the unemployed from direct lenders without a job in the simplest way where you don't need to struggle a lot. Payday direct lenders understand your concern that's why they make the loan process very easy and convenient to you. You need to do some online formalities to get the fast approval for personal loans, but hindrances you will find.

You Frequently Ask & We Answer

Where to get cash loans with EI?

There are many direct payday lenders who offer payday loans that accept EI benefits. You need to contact them rather than any banks or traditional lenders because banks may reject your loan application after finding some financial mistakes. This applies with traditional lenders as well that's why you should apply for loans from direct lenders who are registered. You can check their trustworthiness by visiting their websites and reviews to check their reliability.

How much loan unemployment will i get?

Payday loans for the unemployed come for a short time period that you can get from $100 up to $5000 with no restrictions. Any type of short term emergency can easily be tackled by using cash in advance from direct reliable lenders. In many cases of traditional banks, they restrict you from getting a preferable loan amount due to your bad credit. But you won't find the same case with financial experts.

Will unemployment loans be extended again?

Yes, you can go for an extension of payday loans for the unemployed. But you can't find that easy because you need to check that out if your state allows you for that without charging any sort of penalties. Paying your first loan later may give you some relief. But this really sounds bad because it makes you pay the high price which turns out to be a burden on your pocket ahead so it is better to go for another loan.

Can unemployment insurance help me to take a loan?

Yes, if you don't have a job. Maybe there was no fault of you're behind losing your on-going job in the past. But if you are receiving EI benefits then there should be no problem for you to get a payday loan while you are on employment insurance. Every lender wants to check your ability to make sure they would get back their money on time or not. If they find themselves at risk that's why they hesitate to offer you money, but you are lucky you are getting Employment Insurance from the government with welfare recipients.

Do i have to pay student loans if unemployed?

Yes, you have to repay your student loans after using them with no job for larger expenses, such as your tuition, residency and textbooks. It's not just about student loans even all the loans are payable back in the end. So whenever you will have a job after completing your education then you can pay back your loan responsibly. This creates your financial value in the eyes of financial institutions.

Will unemployment benefits affect my ability?

No, commonly government benefits are not counted as an income source by lenders so Canadians don't need to worry about that. They can easily apply for payday loans in Canada to meet their needs which have arisen all of a sudden. Yes, they will have to go through the same process for application. Despite this, they are receiving government benefits like Employment insurance.

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